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Timer instructions

1)there are eight control buttons as follow:

 a)3 output control button , total are three

 b)setting a timer, 1PC

 c)time/ button for adjust time       1pc

 d)Button of adjust hours      1pc

 e)Button of adjust min.       1pc

 f)clear button                 1pc

2) time setting, press the Settings button to set the time (following this section are described in this condition)
 a) hours and minutes display blinking, this time can be set points and timing, respectively, when the key points and hours

 b) hours and minutes display blinking, this time can be respectively set minutes and hours

 c) keep pressing the  1 output button control, LCD screen will alternately display  ""ON"" and OFF ; display ON can  seting the set open time of corresponding output  Road .when dispaly OFF ,it mean the close time about corresponding output road,the other2-way are the same with it.

 d) press the timer button completion and save setting,after finished setting each road, press the button to reset the timer
to set or change road setting; when setting  , Press the clock of button or 20 seconds, did not press any other key to exit the settings automatically, and this setting is not valid

3)adjust the time,press the time/adjusted buttons to change the time,at this time ,both hour and minutes display the time adjustment button and keep the setting after setting

4)hour and minutes adjustment:press each time to cumulative 1,keep pressing 2 seconds or more,automatically cumulative 1 at 3times per second.if you do not press time/button of time adjustment or button of setting a timer,press the 2 button will not responding.

5)In the display time mode, press the 3 output control key, the corresponding output end and the LCD screen display will respond:                                                                                                       LCD screen displays corresponding  the output will show ON, AUTO, OFF between the jump (press 1 for each shift under 1), while its corresponding output terminal high.(open,this time from timing control)automatic(based on time setting to determine the output)low(off,this time from timing control)